As a Tour Operator, you’re an adventurer at heart with a passion for safaris. You take the time to connect with wildlife and create unique safari experiences for your guests.

If you’re reading this, it could mean you’re missing the excitement of adventure, and being an adventurer at heart, we strive to keep the journey alive. There are so many magnificent lodges out there that it’s a tough job coming up with something new for your repeat guests. How do you keep their interest and their spirit for adventure alive?

I’m Anton, and I’d love to help. As the founder of 4x4OutFar, I share a similar passion for wildlife and nature. However, my purpose in life is to make the world a better place through my humanitarian work. For the past 7 years, I’ve traveled to many remote corners and partnered with exceptional companies such as Wilderness, Great Plains, Natural Selection, and Desert & Delta, to bring projects like eye-testing clinics for kids to rural and remote regions.

We have fully equipped rigs and come with a professional videographer, amongst other things.

I love what I do, and I’m really good at it.

What I’m proposing is a 3-night humanitarian adventure of a lifetime. The kind of experience that is so out-of-the-box for your high-end client, that it can’t help but become the highlight of their entire trip! Wild camping in remote areas to build elephant fences by day and inspiring conversations under starlit skies and campfires at night. I’m not proposing a glamorous camping experience, I’m proposing three days of do-good, feel-good, soul-satisfying stuff that will change your guest’s life.

And yes, of course, the lives of 100 villagers and 1,000 elephants too!

No beating around the bush here. Let’s video call and create an action plan that brings satisfaction to you and your clients. This might not be for your 1st time adventurer, but it’s perfect for repeat guests wanting to follow the call of their adventurous hearts with the most unique adventure.

Because of your active engagement, you will help bring smiles to the community’s faces, and I am looking forward to taking the worry off your hands and creating this unique adventure for you. Believe me, your guests will never forget it!

As a tour operator, you want the most unique Safari Adventure for every guest. You’ve experienced first-hand what life on the ground is like, let me help make it a bigger success for you and your client.


*exclusive team building opportunities on request

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Children in the Wilderness
desert and delta
Natural selection

Some of these projects can take 2-3 months if not longer. There are a bunch of moving parts like council approvals etc to get through. Luckily because of my previous projects and safari lodge contacts much of this happens quicker than usual. But it is project and region dependent.

Not all projects are equal. Lots of consideration and reasons :
1. Location is everything! Anyone can do a project but doesn’t mean they have the experience or permissions to do it. These permissions could cost extra for example to get a permit.
2. Some locations need more assistance than others. This could be due to climate differences of desert to lush green lands and equipment could differ. Getting to some of these regions is challenging and safety first as always.
3. Logistics & differences between regions from Angola for example to Mozambique differ. The difference between a elephants fences projects for example can be 100 000km for a single farmer or a cluster of farms.
4. Working with the best camps it could be there logistic and guide costs are for the best only. This plays a role in the best experience for you.

This type of unique experience is very exclusive for a few reasons. The client will have one of my vehicle to participate with which can carry a family of 4. It is possible to get extra vehicles which adds to the experience. Another consideration is students come after exams or to take their annual holidays.

I have been working with the big safari lodge cultural departments for several years. Everything from local chiefs to government departments when getting approvals and being able use that data base / knowledge makes this experience key.

Depending on the project it could be 2 weeks (Mondays to Fridays) however clients will not have to spend that entire time with us. Generally 3, 4 or 5 days depending on the schedule you the Tour Operator have also created for them. They will always get the benefit of staying at the lodges in the end.

The whole point in these projects is eco responsible tourism. By working with local communities and yourself, you will change the lives of 100 of villagers. Depending on a project chosen between school eye testing, elephant fences, CLAWS etc. the impact is high for these communities which brings great sustainable satisfaction all round.

Once you have presented the 4x4outfar possibility with a potential client we all connect via a zoom call and discuss the type of project the client is considering. There are projects available in Angola, Mozambique, Southern Zambia, Okavango Botswana, Namibia and even southern Malawi. They do vary and are not always the same.

The vehicles have fridge/freezer in order to store foods and drinks. They also have electrical plugs for charging devices and one of the best spacious roof top tents in the world (iKamper 4 sleeper) which essentially is a king size bed with fresh / new bedding and high quality down sleeping bags. The design of these projects is to keep a close vehicle community so we share what’s needed. The client chooses what food and drink they require which is purchased prior or after they land. There is storage and space for bags in the vehicle (on project the clothes storage is limited so extra will be safely kept at a safari lodge).

Yes please, we highly recommend that malaria medication is taken for all safari regions as the risks can be high in certain areas. Please discuss with your doctor within 1 month of travel (minimum). Modern malaria medications have almost no side effects making them easy to take for most. The roof top tent high quality mesh and not even an ant can walk in unexpectedly.

1. Every project includes a photographer / videographer. He takes stills and video of the project being done. He will also do professional editing of videos for the clients showing from when they land till when they leave.
2. The clients names will be placed on the vehicle for that personal touch (depending on client request)
3. Professional outdoor safari shirts will be made with their name embroidered on it
And more.

We have never had any incidents in relation to wild animal (or human) interferences on our travels. Even if we agree and wild camp it’s under my close eye and every precaution is taken for safety. We can arrange a game ranger / guide through the safari lodge for added support. One massive point in these projects is connecting with local communities so it’s also very nice to stay close to a farm house and share foods / stories.

Yes, this needs to be shared by the client with suggestions so we can assist on how to cater for it. African foods are typically fresh, delicious, nutritious, and made from scratch so using local produce is very important for local industry and freshness.

Once you have confirmed we will guide in what to take for our portion of the trip. It will depend on season but in most cases it’ll be the same as if they’re staying at a safari lodge.

Yes, we have access through some amazing support companies.