Every human has a story, some don’t tell it and some go out of the way to find it. That’s where I found myself, looking to help people that don’t have the ways and means to the simplicity of eye-site, water, shoes…….!

I grew up in the Mountains far from cities. I enjoyed it but also missed the sounds, hustles of day to day when going on holiday. Being in the bush brought me great happiness but also taught me the luxury of having services at your fingertips.

For over 10 years I volunteered at the NSRI and completely loved it but things change and family became more important. It left a gap in me, and when I started getting outdoors again it brought all sorts of memories back. Over a few years things evolved to what I have today and the people around me supporting the projects we are doing.

Writing this memo reminds me of stories of kids not being able to see the chalk board, thorns in their eye’s, playing sport with friends or the luxury of not seeing a TV.

Join me changing that.